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How to create multi page web gallery?

ThunderSoft Flash Gallery Creator can create multi page web gallery for your websites, just like our sample: Sample G001. Follow this tutorial to see how to do. Download and install our product to start. Download ThunderSoft Flash Gallery Creator

Step 1 - Follow User Guide to create your first photo gallery with this program.

Step 2 - Go to <Edit> page, select "Photo Frame" node. Switch <Page mode> to "Multi sheet". Not all templates support Multi sheet, such as G005, G006, G008, G009.

Step 3 - Add or remove the sheet buttons. Edit every button's caption and url.

Step 4 - Publish gallery as SWF/Html, and then save your project.

Step 5 - Return to main menu, use "New gallery from existing project...", choose the project you just saved. Now you get a new project which has the same setting with old one, and this new project is used to publish the gallery's second sheet.

Step 6 - Go to <Edit> page, change sheet button style. Then import your photos for this sheet and publish as SWF/Html.

If you still not clear about creating multi page gallery, download Sample G001 project files to see how we setting.

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